Sessions with Daniela

I am able to see and know things that will provide me with information about your life and lifestyle. I connect with your Guardian Angels and those in spirit to provide information that is meant for your highest good in order to empower and guide you toward your best self. My readings act as a mirror that will reveal your hidden intentions, motivations and talents. My role is to provide you with constructive advice from a higher perspective for a deeper understanding of the challenges you may be facing in all areas of your life so that in turn you can make the changes necessary to live happier and more fulfilled.

I am also able to pick up on energetic blockages and physical ailments that may need addressing. We can also talk about your past lifes. Feel free to let me know before you start your reading what you would like to focus on in particular or simply be open for the messages that you may need to hear.

30min Session


45min Session


60min Session


Readings can be conducted over the Phone, Skype or Telegram or in person. You may also be interested in my malas with a message.

What Clients Are Saying

"Before I went to Daniela for help, I was having problems with depression and anger. She helped me with my depression so I am no longer taking supplements for it. I learned to stop burying my emotions and to try to understand what I am feeling and why. I do not have as much anger as I have had in the past as I am able to understand the feelings beneath it better now. She has helped me to learn about my spiritual side and to learn to like myself." - Mary | Colorado Springs, CO

"I didn't really know what to expect when I sat down with Daniela to get my reading. I was so surprised at all the personal things that she knew which were going on in my life at that time as well as myself. She knew exactly who passed away in my family and trust me my family is big. She was able to connect with my mother the strongest which helped me get comfort as well as answers and closure on an ongoing family issue. I am so glad I got that reading and am so grateful to Daniela for giving me the answers and closure that I needed!" - Sue Anne | Bardstown, KY

"Daniela, is a kind and loving soul, who is blessed with the ability to communicate with your angels and spirit guides. An experience that can truly touch your heart in a miraculous way!" - Jane | Columbus, GA

 "Being led to Daniela has changed my life.  I was going through the motions of life for many years.  I had forgotten how to live.  How to love.  I had forgotten Me.  I started with Daniela's meditations.  She has a wonderful loving way of leading the group and knowing just what we need at the moment.  I love her mentorship program!  She shares her heart and everything she knows and believes with us in a loving and caring manner.  She has this wonderful down to earth way of speaking.  Throughout this mentorship I have found "Me"!   I am learning how to "Live" again "Love" again.  I love me!  I never knew that was so important." - Tammy | Colorado Springs, CO

"I have gotten SO MUCH out of her guided meditations. It has changed my life and blessed me beyond words! She is also a gifted medium who comes from a place of love. Thank you for everything, Daniela! You are such a blessing!" - Tanya | Columbus, GA

"You did a wonderful job and I am so thankful for the knowledge you share.  I find that I have trust and love and light from you. This is a wonderful gift you have and am so thankful that you take the time to help educate us." - Cindy | Columbus, GA

"I found Daniela when I moved to Colorado. I started out with weekly guided meditations led by Daniela. With her love for teaching and her ability to share her knowledge with great ease, I decided to get a reading. It was the best decision I have ever made. It changed my life! In the past I ignored my intuitive and empathic abilities because I was frightened and I didn't feel comfortable. I now have the confidence to accept all of me and work from a place of love and light." - Heather | Austin, TX

"Each time I met with Daniela by phone, I was always amazed and delighted that right at the beginning she shared with me what my guides wanted me to know. Each session has been very powerful. I have always felt validated, safe and honored as I meet with Daniela. She is a beautiful soul whose work is so healing, clarifying and directing for me. And, I am most grateful!" - Sue | Louisville, KY

"I had a reading with Daniela and I was amazed at how well she was able to describe me and my strengths and weaknesses. She brought up things about me that I have just come to learn myself in recent years. My son passed in 2007 and Daniela also described his personality with amazing accuracy.  She was able to give me some insightful messages from my son. All this, and she and I had never met except to speak on the phone a couple of minutes to schedule the appointment. The only information she had was my first name. It was truly amazing!" - Lynne | Columbus, GA

Event Gallery

I have been participating in spiritual fairs all over the United States and been giving workshops and lectures for many years. Nowadays I am taking things a little slower and am only putting my energy into projects and events that are really important to me. I am currently working on starting up workshops and events again. So stay tuned!

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